Superfrico Las Vegas’ Psychedelic Dining Experience

Superfrico Las Vegas recently opened at the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip. When I heard it being promoted as Italian American Psychedelic, it piqued my interest. I was eager to check it out and delighted that it lived up to its name with utterly delicious creative Italian cuisine combined with psychedelic decor and entertainment.

The Vibe at Superfrico Las Vegas

Be ready for amazing food, cheeky entertainment, mind-blowing art and a heck of a good time. The experience stars by entering a round “waiting” room with loud music and a mini-light show. The hosts leads you from there into a neon-lit bar with a disco ball, and black light artwork. The vibe is swanky, but not in a stuffy way; silly, but not in a circus way; sexy, but not in a romantic way. Entering into the dining room, the main lighting is dim with brightly colored artwork and strategic spot lighting (so you can read the menu). The music is pumping. The entertainers can be scantily clad. It’s a bit of a nightclub scene meets epicurean experience.

The Food

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I was pleansantly overwhelmed with all there was to experience. There was no Italian restaurant feel — nothing mediterranean. The menu was created by Chef Anthony Falco, who reinvented his family heirloom recipes with a modern twist. The result is amazing dishes with exquisite flavors and textures that make them memorable.

The menu includes Small (appetizers), Salad, Pasta, Square Pizza, Round Pizza, Main, and Sweet. There’s also the Special — Tableside Mozzarella where the waiter pulls a pound of fresh belgioioso curd and services it with marinated tomato, basil, salumi, warmed olive & roasted pepper, fresh puccia bread.

Here are just a few items on the menu that are worth sinking your teeth into:

  • Meatballs Sicilianu that consists of dry-aged beef, saffron, garlic, pine nut, golden raisin, mint, pistachio, honey
  • Vegan Trapanese Pesto Gemelli pasta with tomato, almond, mint, basil, walnut, scallion powder
  • Pistachio Mortadella square pizza made with pistachio pesto, house mozzarella, mortadella, house stracciatella, parmigiano reggiano, pistachio
  • Clam Pie round pizza with white wine, cream, clam, bacon, scallion, parsley, lemon, black pepper, oscietra caviar
  • Filet Mignon made from 6-ounce koji-marinated creekstone bone-in prime filet, butter, sea salt
  • Vegan Roasted Pineapple Sorbetto with lime, tajín, vanilla

I have to admit that the food was so good I went back and had dinner there the following night! My favorites were the Trapanese Pesto Gemelli and Roasted Pineapple Sorbetto.

The Art

It’s hard to know where to look while dining at Superfrico. I mean this in a good way. The neon lights, rocking music and strolling entertainers are offset with vibrant, creative art that adorns the walls. Spiegelworld, creators of Superfrico, took inspiration for the restaurant decor from Psycho Pop Party by Adehla Lee. The dining room is more like an art gallery (a fun one!) with 20+ pieces from Spiegelworld’s collection and other works that are unique to Superfrico.

The Entertainment

As if the food, drinks and art aren’t enough, while dining at Superfrico, there is a stream of entertainers that stroll through (from the adjacent show “Opium”). You might see a girl handing out balloons, a in a suit man blowing bubbles, a ballerina, a conga line, tuxedo-clad men with penguin “heads,” a man juggling disks. At times, it was difficult to focus on the conversation because we would be distracted by a crazy act passing by. It’s such a festive, hip, cool environment.

While visiting, be sure to ask about the hidden Ski Lodge.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Level 2, Chelsea Tower (next to the OPIUM Theatre)
3708 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Disclosure: Accommodation was provided by the Superfrico in order to do my review, but all opinions are my own




Travel Writer (, Founder of, Breast Cancer Survivor, Mom.

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Sharael Kolberg

Sharael Kolberg

Travel Writer (, Founder of, Breast Cancer Survivor, Mom.

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