Review: Ostrich Backpack 3N1 Chair

Sharael Kolberg
3 min readJul 9

Rating: ★★★★⭐ (4/5)

The Ostrich Backpack 3N1 Chair has many standout features and is very versatile. It has five adjustable chair positions and three footrest positions that allow you to relax and enjoy the sun in various ways. You can recline in the flat position, perfect for sunbathing and soaking up those warm rays…off the sand. If you prefer reading or watching the waves, the chair offers a slightly elevated position with a comfortable headrest, ensuring optimal comfort and neck support. Additionally, it can also transform into a convenient, upright chair for when you want to sit up and socialize with friends or have a picnic by the shore. But the one feature that makes it stand out the most is the face-down feature that allows you to lay comfortably flat on your stomach. It has a padded face hole and arm holes to hold a book or your phone. The flexibility of this chair is truly impressive, as it caters to different activities and moods.

This Ostrich Backpack 3N1 Chair has a backpack-style design, with adjustable padded shoulder straps, but I found the large, 9.8-pound frame a big bulky and awkward to carry down to the beach. It also sits 14 inches off the ground, which is a little higher than most beach chairs. This chair might be better for a campground or pool, where you don’t have to lug it around. If you do take it to the beach, the large insulated storage compartment is a fantastic addition, allowing you to conveniently store and keep your your drinks and snacks cool. There is also a side pocket with zipper to keep your phone or wallet off the sand, and a cup holder. The convenience of having a backpack chair frees up your hands and ensures you can easily navigate sandy shores and uneven terrain.

Durability is another aspect where the Ostrich 3N1 Backpack Chair excels. The chair is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the elements and frequent use. The sturdy frame and resilient fabric not only ensure longevity but also provide ample support for various body types. Whether you’re lounging by the shore or engaging in beach games, this chair holds up well and remains stable.

The Ostrich 3N1 Backpack Chair is a top-notch choice for beach or camping enthusiasts seeking comfort, versatility, and portability. Its three positions, exceptional comfort, and convenient backpack design make it an excellent investment, especially for those who want to lay face down. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, this chair ensures you can relax and soak up the sun with ease.

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