Gift Guide for Women Who Love to Travel

Sharael Kolberg
7 min readDec 22, 2022

I’ve tried every product in this guide — and loved it. I’m sure you will too.

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift for the woman you love, whether it be your wife, girlfriend, sister or mom. But, if she loves to jet set the globe, here are some really cool items that are sure to make her smile. As a frequent traveler, these are a few of my favorites things. If you are a woman, you might even want to pick some things up for yourself too.

Aviator: Best Travel Jeans

Images courtesy of Aviator USA

Aviator’s women’s high-rise Best Travel Jeans come in a new “relaxed” fit that are comfortable and flattering. They are perfect for travel because of the deep front pockets and two back pockets with hidden zippers to keep you belongings safe. Men will also love these jeans! If you’re looking for pants with a little more stretch, try the super soft and flexible low-rise Fly Straight collection.

You can feel good about your purchase since they are manufactured locally in Los Angeles. Most of Aviator’s denim includes tencel, which is 10x more resistant to bacterial growth, is sustainably sourced in an eco-friendly process in which 99% of water and solvent is reused and recycled, and they faster than traditional cotton jeans.

Allbirds: Superlight Wool Runners

Image courtesy of Allbirds

Allbird’s Superlight Wool Runners are the perfect pair of shoes to pack in your suitcase. They are super lightweight, which makes them easy to pack and won’t weigh down your suitcase. Plus, they are made of wool, so they dry quickly if they get wet. These shoes are comfortable for a day full of walking around to see your favorite sites. The best part — the SuperLight Wool Runners have the lowest carbon footprint of any of the Allbirds shoes. They are made with regenerative Merino wool, sugar-cane based foam, and recycled pastic bottle shoe laces. If you want more of a sturdy shoe, try the new Wool Runner 2, for men and women, with 14% more foam, more room in the toe, and improved durability.

My Favorite Luggage

Logel — Solgaard — SteamLine — Herschel

I have to admit, I’m obsessed with suitcases and have several that I use depending on the type of travel I’m doing — whether it’s a quick overnighter or a longer adventure trip. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lojel: Cubo The Lojel Cubo suitcase is great if you’re staying in a hotel that has a small room and you need to save space because it opens from the top, rather than like a clamshell. It is durable, expandable, has a removeable and washable interior lining and is made with 50% recycled materials. I really like the “fit” size.

Solgaard: I love the shelves that the Solgaard suitcase offers. It makes it easy to pack because once you’ve packed your clothes in the shelves, you can cinch the shelves to make more room in your suitcase. Once you arrive at your hotel, you take the shelves out and hang them in the closet to stay organized. You can also add a USB charging port. The lining is made from 100% recycled plastic and each purchase cleans up 6 pounds of ocean-bound plastic from coastal communities. I also like that it has hinges, rather than zippers.

SteamLine: The vintage-inspired SteamLine luggage is the ultimate fashion statement while traveling. You can buy a matching set of up to 10 different sizes. The Entreprenuer — Pink has become popular since the Barbie movie came out. The suitcases are made from a variety of leathers and fabrics. They do take extra care to maintain the look and quality — and might not wear well if they’re being thrown around in the luggage compartment of airplanes. I prefer the overnighter size for short road trips. The Entreprenuer and Alchemist lines are made of eco-friendly vegan leather. I do love the red Entreprenuer — Lip Print set that has chic lip print on the interior fabric.

Herschel Heritage™ Hardshell: The hardshell luggage by Herschel, which is known for their iconic backpacks, is durable and made with 70% recycled polycarbonate. I love the medium size that is in-between a carry-on and check-in.

VIM & VIGR: Compression Socks

Image courtesy of VIM & VIGR

Compression socks are essential for long plane rides, but VIM & VIGR makes them fun with lots of colorful designs. Their sock feel good and are good for you by increasing circulation in the legs, preventing swelling and potentially preventing blood clots, during times of inactivity.

MY24/7 by Red Pantz: Face, lip and body butter, BARE, organic

Image courtesy of Red Pants

This women-owned business creates a Face, Lip and Body Butter that works as a 3-in-1 vitamin-rich moisturizer. Use it on your face, lips, hands, elbows, heels and feet. It provides luscious hydration for a silkier texture and is made with shea butter, mango butter and jojoba oil. I pack it in my carry on to keep my lips hydrated on the plane!

Woxer Undergarments

Image courtesy of Boxer

Woxer undergarments are so soft and comfortable — perfect for the plane or to wear to bed when traveling. They are also made with sustainable fabrics, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing.

Wander & Perch: Wet Swimsuit Bag

Image courtesy of Wander & Perch

Eileen Zimmerman found herself searching for a cute bag that she could put her wet bathing suit or yoga gear in. Everything on the market was too utilitarian for her taste, so she decided to create her own wet swimsuit bag that would be beautiful, reusable, and reliable. This bag is such a great essential for travel because you can pack your wet swimsuit without getting your other clothes wet! And it comes in great patterns.

La Peony Clothing Jumpsuit

Image courtesy of La Peony

Newly launched La Peony Clothing has created a jumpsuit that is comfortable to wear on the plane, train or in the car, yet looks stylish once you arrive. The Caroline jumpsuit is an instant eco-friendly wardrobe essential. Each is uniquely handwoven according to historic traditional methods by the fair-trade Unión de Artesanos de Santo Tomás Jalieza female artisan collective in Oaxaca, Mexico. The company’s goal is to make a positive impact on the planet and create a brighter future for all women. Available colors: Cream, Fushia, Denim, Black and Olivine. Price: $459. Subscribe to their newsletter through their website to get 10% off first purchase.

Teton Gravity Research: High Life Sunglasses

Image courtesy of Teton Graviy

Sunglasses are a must no matter where you’re traveing to. The High Life by TGR Optics features polarized lens technology from Carl Zeiss. The aviator frames are stylish sunnies with modern tech and performance. Price: $150.

REI Co-op: Hyperaxis Fleece Jacket 2.0 — Women’s

Image courtesy of REI

This zipper, hooded fleece jacket by REI is tough on the outside, cozy on the inside and stretchy all over. It’ the perfect item to pack or bring on the plane. It’s made with Polartec Power Stretch® Pro™ fleece that gives 4-way stretch and breathability, plus it wicks away moisture and dries quickly. The Lycra® spandex binding at the cuffs, hem and hood provides a secure but flexible fit. With bluesign®-approved materials, you can feel good knowing it was made to conserve resources and protect the health of the environment, workers and wearer. Colors: Black, Odyssey Gray, Cassia Bark, Shaded Sumac, Washed Stone. Price: $139.

OSEA Skincare

Image courtesy of OSEA

OSEA’s “clean” products use safe, naturally-derived ingredients, chosen for their efficacy, with the most rigorous industry standards in mind. Seaweed is an essential ingredient because it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that is great for anti-aging and moisturization. These items are perfect to keep your skin hydrated while on the road. Pack some in your carry on to refresh during your fight. Every product is made with consideration of rhe impact on the planet and the collective well being. Shop now to save on sets. Prices vary.

Caddis Readers

Image courtesy of Caddis

There’s nothing worse than not being able to read the fine print of a restaurant menu, but you don’t have to wear “grandma” readers. Caddis creates stylish glasses to help you see up close. Sign up on their website to get 10% off.

Have a favorite travel product that you love? Share in the comments below.

Disclosure: Products were provided in order to do my review and this article contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.